PrivateVPN was founded in 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden. The full company designation is Privat Kommunikation Sverige AB, and the company was pristinely designated Those weren’t adequate, though.

I was exhilarated to take an optical canvassing of PrivateVPN because the denomination of this VPN provider itself implicatively insinuates that it’s stacked with some excellent privacy and security features.

With only around 100 servers up and running, it privileges to be the best and secure VPN for streaming, privacy, and security. With Netflix swift access on VPNs, the streaming claim is an energetic one, but PrivateVPN is confident enough to offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all packages.

It offers a high degree of intricacy and cull for VPN users who want it, as well as a far simpler interface for those incipient to VPNs. Outside speeds, PrivateVPN aptitudes Netflix access in several countries, as well as allow access to Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Features of PrivateVPN:

PrivateVPN operates servers in 56 countries. Those locations include five cities in the US (including West and East coast), the UK, all over Europe (including the Netherlands and Switzerland). Plus: Brazil, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Russia. The only places that don’t genuinely get a look-in are Africa, the Middle East, and China. As such, if these locations are of particular interest to you, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Subscribers may connect up to six contrivances to PrivateVPN at once. This is authentically outstanding and very few VPNs on the market offer more. With this is mind, PrivateVPN can be considered a highly subsidiary VPN for astronomically immense families that have VPN requisites on a number of phones, tablets, and laptops, both at home and when out and about utilizing public WiFi.

Here is the list of some feature provided by PrivateVPN.

  • Free Tribulation
  • Zero logging
  • Only 48 servers in 30 countries
  • 7-day Mazuma-back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • AES-256 bit encryption keys
  • Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android
  • PrivateVPN offers dedicated servers that sanction digital nomads to download torrents securely
  • User-amicable interface
  • Live Chat

Pricing and Plans:

Our PrivateVPN review denuded that you can cull amongst three plans offered by the VPN accommodation:

  • 12 Months plan with 7-day mazuma-back guarantee costing at $2.95 per month
  • 3 Months plan with 7-day mazuma-back guarantee costing at $7.50 per month
  • 1 Month plan with 7-day mazuma-back guarantee costing at $10.95


Private VPN claims that “The only things we store are your electronic mail address”. PrivateVPN claims to that they donot creates logs, they do believe in zero logging policies. As PrivateVPN imposes a six-contrivance limit it presumably maintains a list of utilizer sessions, but we could find nothing about that on the site. That’s a pity, but it’s not unorthodox, and as PrivateVPN is predicated in privacy-conscious Sweden we suspect any details will be relatively safe.

The rest of the privacy-cognate minuscule-print is much akin to most other VPNs. PrivateVPN only holds your electronic mail address, it utilizes cookies on the website and might use third-party analytics, but there’s no designation of data sharing or other dubious activities.

PrivateVPN’s terms of accommodation is a plus, being pellucidly indited and far more readable than efforts we’ve optically discerned elsewhere. There’s no lengthy list of things you can’t do, for instance – just the requisite not to cause harm to others or transgress the law. Works for us.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • P2P cordial


  • Below-average speeds
  • Limited amount of servers
  • No security features
  • More servers could be integrated
  • Live Chat is not available 24/7


PrivateVPN is a fantastic cull for VPN speeds, Netflix access, ease of avail, and flexibility for power users. At $50 per year it’s withal well priced. It would be nicer if you could pick locations predicated on ping speed or server availability, but that’s remotely a deal breaker. The number of servers could withal be a little more sizably voluminous, but currently that is not presenting a quandary for speeds or connection availability.

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